I originally got hooked on Couponing when I first discovered a few awesome couponing blogs that made couponing seem doable, not like that crazy Extreme Couponing show on TLC:

My First Experience:

I spent at least a week planning my first big couponing trip. It was Black Friday and I was going to hit up CVS and get lots of free stuff. And it was a success!!! I got all the products below (worth about $75) for free and even ended up making money-- $4.50 to be exact!! It was the biggest adrenaline rush! I felt so silly in there so excited I was getting free stuff, but I had a blast!! Who doesn't love free stuff??

I haven't had much time to plan any big trips lately, but I sign up for freebies all the time that I find on Sweet Free Stuff. Sign up for their daily emails, it's so easy! Free stuff just shows up in my mailbox! :)