Thursday, April 25, 2013


After a few months, I have finally gotten my act together with a post on our Engagement Photos!

Let me begin by explaining why it has taken me so long to get around to posting these. First, it was a much longer process than we anticipated for a few reasons:
  • After some unfortunate technical difficulties on the photographer's behalf, all the photos from our first photo session were lost and we had to schedule re-takes. :( Yes, this meant that all the effort that went into round 1: hair done, makeup done, outfits dry cleaned, day off work had to be done alllllllll over again. Needless to say, it was frustrating and really drug out the whole process. After spending some time being upset about it, we decided it must have happened for a reason and showed up for the retakes knowing more about how the session would go. I skipped the hair and make-up appointments this time and just did my own, which I surprisingly ended up liking better than having them done. I think the photos from the retakes came out better than the first ones, so in the end, we were not so upset.
  • Once we finally got the photos back, there were about 60 of them (which I don't really get because many more photos were taken than that... maybe the other 100 just were hideous and the photographer wanted to spare us?). We had fun looking through them all but when it came down to actually chosing which ones we wanted to print, it was so hard!
    • First, the photographer offered to make our Save the Dates, which turned out really cute so we quickly ordered those and sent them out. That was the easy part.
    • Then, we had to chose actual printed copies. The package we were given came with 3 8x10s and 6 5x7s and 25 digital images on a disc. It took us about 2 months to narrow it down and actually find time to sit down together to chose our favorites.
    • We didn't find out until recently that the digital images will be watermarked and encrypted or something so we won't be able to print them ourselves. I guess they're supposed to be only for online use or something... We are a little disappointed about this, but at least we get high quality prints of our top favorites.
    • I also wanted to order just one single print copy of all the ones we looked decent in (about 45 of them) but this turned out to be crazy overpriced, which again is disappointing and I don't understand it.
**I hope this portion didn't come out too negatively... we did enjoy having our photos taken and it we had a fun time doing it. I learned that Marc is really artistic when it comes to photography. He had no problem making suggestions for poses and those ones actually turned out to be some of our favorites! He totally surprised me! We just hope our actual wedding photos don't end up being this difficult. Which we know they won't be because we've chosen a family friend as our photographer and he's going to be great!**

Now, the part you've all been waiting for, THE PHOTOS!!!! These are just a few of our favorites --

*Yes, we did break one of my rules and make silly hearts with our hands... It was sorta like torture and really awkward... But it didn't turn out too horribly ;)