Monday, August 12, 2013

My favorite number of days until the wedding!

Yes, that's right ---

Just a little quickie before I head off to bed after a very long and very productive day (first, I was on-time to work, got LOTS done, came home in minimal traffic where Marc had dinner ready, did some wedding planning, then went for a run, then back to wedding planning, and wrote a blog post)! I would say that's pretty good for a Monday.

I'm getting sidetracked here, where was I?...

In the past few days, we (my parents, Marc and I) have crossed SO many things off our wedding to do list! It feels so great. I think with each thing crossed off, I relax a tiny bit and get a little more excited (if that's even possible)! Here's everything we did since last week:
  • Dress fitting! It fits great! I tried on my veil with the dress as well, I made my veil from my mom's and I'm so glad it's going to work out. I just need to jazz it up a little :)
  • Wedding day walk through with the caterer at the venue. He is going to be the coordinator on the day of, which I didn't realize, so that's a huge help!
  • Made hair and make-up appointments for wedding day.
  • Ordered the vases for the center pieces which we are making ourselves.
  • Picked out the flowers we will order on Wednesday (since they can only be ordered 1 month in advance) - we're getting them for a great deal at SAMs Club.
  • Purchased my jewelry - love it!
  • Purchased my second pair of shoes for the wedding/reception - wedges that will be easier to dance in. I tried them out at work today, they feel pretty good, considering they're still quite tall.
  • My uncle became an official Deputy Commissioner and can legally officiate our wedding!
  • Sent out rehearsal dinner invites.
  • Wrote wedding programs (won't print them until 2 weeks before, just in case we change a song or something).
  • Made the flower girl basket - my mom decorated it so cute with ribbons, I love it!
  • Made the prelude and ceremony music playlists.
  • Bought Marc a new honeymoon wardrobe - my most successful shopping trip for him yet! Everything I brought home fit except for one shirt. Woo hoo!
  • Made the Wedding Day schedule and shared it with the bridesmaids.
  • Decided on our "thesis" for the wedding ceremony, we just need to email it to my uncle so he can finalize what he is going to say.
WOW! Making this list of what we did just this week makes me feel so accomplished! I can almost breathe! I am sure I missed some things too.

Oh ya, Marc and his dad replaced all the trim on the front of the house in preparationon for painting the house next weekend. Things sure are picking up here at the Baldisher household! Soon to be the Fisher Household in just ...... 33 days!