Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"March"ing into spring

March was a crazy month! It was a great one, but crazy! We just "March"ed right on through! ;) I want to just recap a few highlights in photos:

Celebrated a certain someone's birthday with his favorite funfetti cake!!


Spent an evening in SF watching The Bay Lights. It's an awesome
light show that will be running on the Bay Bridge for the next 2 years
every evening.

Hosted my grandparents and aunt & uncle for a progressive meal
where we enjoyed asparagus and goat cheese soup at my sister's then a
 panini bar and delicious green beer for St. Patty's Day at our house! Such fun
to see my grandparents before they head back to Arkansas for the summer.

My mom and I did some wedding planning/shopping on 4th Street
in Emeryville. The shops there were so cute! We got lots of ideas for
centerpieces like this beautiful succulent that was just clipped and
placed in a large vase

And I love this vase that adds a little color and the
look of wildflowers freshly picked from the garden.

Went on a work trip to Louisville, KY where I
enjoyed some delicious fish tacos and a grapefruit
cocktail at this super cool restaurant. Check out the
chandelier and the frames on the ceiling!

That was a little bit of what happened in March! Now we're on to April which will hopefully be a very very productive month! Soon, I will post updates on our home improvement projets and a story about  how our engagement photos went - not exactly how we planned, but it's all worked out!

Friday, March 15, 2013

I hope that not all dreams come true

Last night I had one of those dreams that I desperately hope will not come true, that it was not a premonition or a hint of what's to come. But as it turns out, my dream was just trying to teach me a little something. And this is why:

It was the day of our wedding to say I was unprepared would be a understatement. All I had was my dress and the bridesmaid dresses and I think the guys wore suits and the guests were due to arrive shortly! As I scrambled around looking for someone to do my hair and pick out a nail polish color, I discovered that another wedding was going to take place at the same venue on that same day. So there were all these other mischievous bridesmaids for the other wedding running around trying to get my bridesmaids drunk hit on the groomsmen. How rude of them!

As time passed quickly and my nails and hair did not get done, I accepted I was just going to put on my wedding dress and not worry about anything else. When the time came to walk down the aisle, suddenly the dream turned into the wedding rehearsal, not the actual wedding. Thank god because I was not ready for the actual wedding, however all the guests were there and I was about to walk down the aisle to Marc in my actual wedding dress and he wasn't supposed to see it until the next day. So as my sister organized the bridal party in pairs to head down the aisle, Val ran around with me in search of my shoes and a beach towel to wrap around me to hide the dress. *this part I know will be true because these ladies are my rocks and I know will be so supportive of me on the day of and those leading up to the wedding!!!*

Of course, I couldn't find my actual shoes to wear so I had to sort through like 5 pairs of other peoples' silver shoes to find some that fit. Then, I realize I have no flowers, so I grab a "bouquet" of jalapeƱo peppers, because they're green and no one will notice the difference! (HA!) All the while, the guests are waiting anxiously to see the ceremony start (which is confusing because I thought this was just the rehearsal!?). I finally am ready so Kathryn leads the bridal party out and Val walks me down the aisle helping me walk in these crazy shoes that don't fit, holding my pepper bouquet and making sure the towel completely hides my dress from view. What a disaster!!

THEN, as I get closer to Marc, the guests and wedding party breaks out in song and the wedding party does this awesome dance routine and it becomes the best wedding ever! I've been trying all morning to remember what song it was, but I can't remember it. I do remember that it was a fun and very likable song choice and I was so surprised and happy that everything had worked out despite the disasters leading up to this moment.

Maybe that is my take-away from this dream: it doesn't matter what I'm wearing, how my hair is done or what the flowers look like, as long as my soon-to-be-husband and our closest friends and family are there waiting for me at the end of the aisle. That is, after all, what the day is all about, celebrating our love for each other and the lifelong journey we are ready to take together. So, I need to just take a step back and don't stress about the little things, I already know the most important pieces are in place which means it will be a very special day we will remember for ever.

Happy Friday!!