Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bucket List

As I find myself reading blogs for hours and hours on end, I have finally decided on my next post topic. My Bucket List. I always say, Oh! that's on my Bucket List! but I've never actually put it in writing. You can never set too many goals or have too many hopes and dreams, so I hope to continue adding to my list as time goes on.

Well, here we go (in no particular order):
  1. Travel, travel, travel - current destinations of interest are: Thailand (just like the Bachelorette!), Fiji, the Maldives (recent interest), Dubai, Italy (oh, the history!), Greece (blue and white beautifulness), Japan, Peru (Machu Pichu), Costa Rica, the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids in Egypt, and the Bahamas, to name a few! - I should have just said to see the 7 wonders of the world...
  2. Go hang gliding - it's been Marc's dream for as long as I've known him and I would love to get to experience that with him and see the look of pure joy on his face when he's "flying like a bird"
  3. Read all Jane Austen's novels - I have an obsession with Pride and Prejudice (all versions of the book and movies) that started with my Senior Thesis in high school, so I must know what all the rest of her books are about. I've read parts of many, but I can't ever seem to make myself finish them... someday!
  4. Go back packing - I've always wanted to do this but I am always a little worried that I won't be able to carry all my own junk... but I love camping and this would be like "minimalist camping" -- sounds like a blast!
  5. Climb Yosemite's Half Dome - after putting all the risks and dangers aside, the view from up there has got to me amazing to see with my own two eyes and the feeling of accomplishment of getting to the top on my own two feet? Must do it!
  6. Have me some babies - I always talk about how I was born to be a mama and raise some beautiful children. I know this will all happen in due time, but until then, I know there will be this empty space in my heart just waiting to be filled with the most unconditional love I will ever know. :)
  7. Make a website - I know this sounds very lame because so many people have websites and they can be so easy to make, but I just don't have a good reason to make one yet...
  8. Get a dog - to those of you who know me, you're wondering if someone hijacked my brain and made me say this... I am NOT pet person and am basically afraid of dogs and that's the last thing I want right now. But I really do want to have a dog someday when I have a family and that dog is as much a part of it as the human family members. I will come around.
  9. Go sailing - my parents used to sail a lot when they were younger, my dad actually had a sailboat. I feel like it's part of my roots because they've told many stories about it and it just sounds like such an amazing adventure!
  10. Take my mom to the Oprah show - This one had been on my list for a long time because I was practically raised watching Oprah and hearing my mom rave about her and the show. However, since the show has ended, this won't be happening, but still, 4:00 will forever be known as "time for Oprah."
  11. Volunteer in a foreign country - my sister just got back from volunteering in Peru and I am so proud of her for that. I want to have a "life changing experience" like that. I want to give my time and energy to a deserving cause somewhere. A Spanish speaking country would be great so I will be able to use my Spanish.
  12. Learn to dance - for real! Flamenco, Salsa, Waltz, Belly Dance, you name it! I want to learn them all. My mom and I took a brief Salsa class in Mexico when I was 16 and had a blast! I want to learn how to make this body move! "You've got to move-it, move-it!"
This seems to be all I can think of right now and geez it all seems so trivial. I know there are more things to add to my Bucket List, but for now, at the ripe age of 24, this is all I can think of off the top of my  head. Now it's time for me to start checking some of those things off!

For now,