Friday, October 25, 2013

Our wedding day was...

September 14, 2013 was:

hands down, the most fun, love-filled, exciting, nervewracking, day of my life.

a day where we were surrounded by 105 of the most loving, supportive and party-ready family and friends.

planned down to the minute, and that plan was executed flawlessly by a team of said loved ones.

when our families witnessed our raw emotions as we said the vows we had written to each other.

a day my inner diva came out and I kicked out a couple of wedding crashing cougars.

when my family realized I married an amazing dancer.

the day I realized I have an obvious obsession with lists - according to all the speeches people gave for us.

photographed beautifully by our amazing photographer and friend, Kevin.

the best day of my life.


Now that I have settled back into reality after nearly a month of wedding and honeymoon bliss, I am planning to put together several posts on our wedding and honeymoon. We should be receiving our professional wedding photos in a few weeks, so that's when I'll do most of the posting. I realize this will likely take me months to put together, but I am going to split it up like this: 
  • The Prep
  • Ceremony
  • Cocktail Hour
  • Dinner, Toasts & Speeches 
  • Dancing the night away
  • I Do for Ice Cream
  • Wedding Party
  • Favorite Photos
  • Honeymoon - Oahu
  • Honeymoon - Kauai
Here are just a few favorites from the KP Mora Photography blog