Thursday, March 26, 2015

Murphy updates!

Wow how time is flying! It's been nearly 3 months since my last post right after we got Murphy and he has so perfectly become a part of our family! We were so excited to finally be able to bring him places with us after he got all his shots!! We really are those dog-parents who think our's is the cutest dog to ever grace the earth with his presence! He does everything with us and we are having so much fun with him! Here's a little recap of his first few months of life -

He comes with us to Home Depot...

He has hiking dates with his "Auntie Allie":

Playdates with his BFF Bear:

Played with lots of dogs at Baker Beach - where I officially developed my opinion that all dogs should be kept on leashes...

Got new snow shoes in preparation for our trip to Tahoe:

Played in the snow for the first time (and promptly removed his snow shoes):

Played with his Doodle-girlfriend Isla:

photo officially named "Two Dads and their Doodles"
Snuggled in bed for the first time:

Learned how to jump up on the couch when you leave the room - probably from his above mentioned gf Isla ;)

Started Puppy Training classes at Petco with who they call the town's "the dog whisperer!" This is him exhausted after his first class (after 2 classes he's learned come, sit, down, stand, stay, & leave it):

Getting neutered didn't slow him down one bit! Lots of dog owners describe their pups as sad or mopey afterwards, nope, Murphy was happy and hyper as ever from the second we picked him up!

Helping Dad out in the garage:

Helping Mom put together Ikea furniture... AKA trying to steal pieces:

He's an adorable, cuddly, hyper, ball of fluff! Some other favorite activities include following me around biting my pants (especially if they're tight or printed like leggings or pajama pants), trying to sneak up on the couch to snuggle, stealing socks, eating rocks and sticks outside, playing fetch, chew sticks, playing with his toys on the entryway rug, wrestling with dad, going for walks in the neighborhood, and playing with any dog he can chase (even ones that won't chase cuz they're old or scared like his "aunties"!!

We love you Murphy!!

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