Saturday, March 15, 2014

Two little turtles

Last weekend, was the much anticipated celebration in honor of my sister-in-law and two little girls on the way. It was hosted at my house, but many amazing ladies helped to pull the special event together. I'm going to mostly let the photos tell the story. It was such a fun day!

My sister made this! She's so talented!

The beautiful mommy-to-be and I!

the Sea-Turtle/Under Water Theme decorations turned out so so cute!


Delicious and super cute themed food!!


 Pinterest-worthy desserts!



The cutest gifts for Baby A & Baby B :)

and probably the funniest and most awkward gift: a framed baby picture of my brother...

Mommy holding the two very quickly dressed babies from the Pairs Dress-the-Twins Relay Race. Each pair could use only 2 hands - so that's one hand each, to put an article of clothing on the baby, then pass it to the next pair. Team Baby B was the winner!! but just barely... :) It was hilarious to see 40 ladies get really into this game!

 And I'll end with two really excited Aunties :)

Thank you to everyone who helped out to throw this beautiful shower for Paula and the twins. What a perfect day celebrating two little turtles who will make their debut in a few months. We love you both so much already Baby A & Baby B!

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